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Village bonfire: Sunday 2 November, lighting up time 5.30pm

Oil order: next order date: 2 December (see Village Info page for more...)

Next parish meeting: 7pm, Tuesday 13 January, 2015 at Lodge Farm, Higham, IP28 6NJ by kind invitation of Robin and Sarah Barclay (see Parish Meetings page for previous minutes).


If you are interested in looking at the Bury St Edmunds Vision 2031 Local Plan documents, there is information about how to do this here.


Introduction to the village
Higham is a small rural village (population 140 in 2005) split into three parts: Lower Green, Middle Green and Upper Green. It has developed over the years within the boundaries of Higham Estate which is owned by the Barclay family. Visit the History of Higham page for more information about the landscape, history and development of the village.

This website is designed to be a source of local information for both visitors and residents and it is hoped it will be particularly useful for newcomers to the village - start with the Village Info page! Constructive suggestions for improvements are very welcome, please contact the webmaster (see below).

Items of news are distributed automatically to Higham residents who have registered on the village email list. If you would like to register on this list, please click here.

Page last updated: 23 October 2014
To contact the Higham Village webmaster, please click here.
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